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VS1-3000 Snack vending machine

  • VS1-3000
  • JSBS
  • 84768900
  • 735*785*1830(mm)/29*31*72(in.)
  • 200kg/230kg, 441Ibs/507Ibs
  • 80W
  • M.D.B
  • AC220V-240V 50Hz/AC110V-130V 60Hz
  • Deep Black/White/White Aluminium
  • 20'GP:18PCS/40'GP:39PCS
Vend sensor in the dilivery box guarantee product delivery
Vandal-resistant stainless steel keypad
Stainless steel coin insert slide to prevent fraud and vandalism
Secure door with wraparound anti-vandal enclosures
Anti-theft device installed in the delivary box
Door open from the left side
Tray access with 90° door
No cooling system inside

Insulated glazing fo front door with laminated safety glass
LED lightting to enhance product presentation&reduce energy costs

Adjustable shelf height every 15mm
Snack shelves tilt down 25° for easy loading
Single or dual spirals for different sized products
360° helix adjustability in 20°increments provides flexibility to vend virtually anything

MDB protocol support for all industry standard devides including cash, coin debit and credit systems
DEX and cashless payment system enabled to allow online remote monitoring

Back lighted stainless steel keypad, plastic coin insert slot & keypad
8.5" LCD screen for advertising

VS1-3000 standard configuration
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