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VCM4000A Outdoor Combo Vending Machine

  • VCM4000A Outdoor

  • JSBS

  • 84768100

  • (H)72''1830mm*(W) 35'' 890mm*(D)33''830mm

  • Black and grey

  • 650W

  • 794lbs 360kg

Vends snacks, drinks, inner tubes, patch kits, tire boots, hand warmers, tools, and other carded goods
Ruggedized for indoor or outdoor use
Dual locking system
Triple-pane glass, polycarbonate outer layer
Water roof and drain-pipe is more suitable outdoor weather.
Refrigerated and fully insulated cabinet ,1/2 HP compressor
Six trays offering 36~40 products
Sensor array; if product doesn’t vend, the customer gets their money back
Can be bolted to cement floor with security fasteners
MDB protocol Credit card, cash, and coin payment interface
Keypad, drop box door, coin return box, coin enter is made in stainless steel and the coin enter is waterproof, looks nice and stronger.
LED lighting to save power
Standard helix configuration (various configurations available)
machine configuration

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