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VCM4000A Combo Vending Machine

  • VCM4000A

  • JSBS

  • 84768100

  • (H)72''1830mm*(W) 35'' 890mm*(D)33''830mm

  • Black and grey

  • 794lbs 360kg

  • 220v or 110v, 50/60HZ

  • 12pcs/20ft, 26pcs/40ft

. 40 selection all helix glass front, cooled vending machine
. Vend sensors/guaranteed delivery system (holds credit until product  is delivered)
. 1/2HP refrigeration unit with thermostatic control
. Adjustable shelf height
. Double glazing glass viewing window
. Features: Fully insulate cabinet/secure door with wrapround
. enclosures/ 6x interior storage drawers
. High strength cabinet/each tray tilts down 45° for easy loading
. lockable cash box/accessible to young people and wheelchair users
. Electronics: Electronic multiple pricing accessed through keypad
. Full diagnostic program accessed through keypad
. Drop sensor : If after selection, a product fails to fall into the retrieval  chamber then the vend motor will turn more times.
If the product still fails to fall the customer is given the choice to  make another selection or receive a refund.
. the panel, keypad, drop box door, coin  return box, coin enter is made in stainless  steel and the coin enter is waterproof LED lighting

. 3 Snacks trays + 3 drinks trays

. Standard helix configuration (various  configurations available)
standard helix configuration

. Capacity: Can & bottle: 144 items, snack: 178items, Total: 322 items.

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