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VCM4-4000 Combo Vending Machine

  • VCM4-4000

  • JSBS

  • 84768100

  • (H)1830mm*(W)929mm*(D)825mm

  • 12pcs/20GP, 28pcs/40GP

  • 220v or 110v, 50/60HZ

  • 335kg

.40 selection all helix glass front, cooled vending machine
. 10 inch LCD displayer
. Vend sensors/guaranteed delivery system.
. Dual temperature zones for drink and snack
. Preserving temperature:
. Between 3°C and 8°C in the lower 3 trays.
. Between 14°C and 25°C in the upper 3 trays.
. Adjustable shelf height, adjustable height of every 15mm  between different shelves.
. Double glazing glass viewing window with aluminum alloy frame (heating glass is optional)
. When door be opened by 90 degree, trays can be pulled out.
. Fully insulated & strong cabinet
. Secure door with wrap round anti-vandal enclosures.
. Improved anti-theft device installed on the delivery box.
. Dual or single spirals for different sized products.
. Optional: 10.2 inch display which can play pictures, music and  videos.
. LED lighting for improved merchandising and save energy.
. Excellent refrigeration unit with German compressor (Danfoss)
. Stainless steel water proof& vandal resistant coin insert slide.
. Accessible to young people and wheel chair users.
. LCD and self-diagnostic control system.
. Conforms to CE market requirement.
. RoHS compliant.
. Compatible with all leading MDB electronic change giving coin  mechanism, cashless and telemetry systems
. Integral, push button, mains safety circuit breaker/24V DC motors
. Drop sensor:  If after selection, a product fails to fall into the  retrieval chamber then the vend motor will  turn more times. If the product still fails to fall the customer is  given the choice to make another selection  or receive a refund.
. Standard helix configuration (various configurations available)
standard helix configuration

. Can & bottle: 144 items, snack & chocolate 178 items, Total: 322items.

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