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SD-3/A Wine Cooler

  • SD-3/A
  • JSBS
  • 8418699090
  • 220V/50HZ、110V/60HZ
  • 134a
  • 110W
  • -30℃~18℃
  • Argon、nitrogen, within 30days
  • 5℃~28℃
  • liquor 3 bottles
  • liquor 12 bottles/h, Wine、beer 18 bottles/h
High-technical, powerful refrigeration.
Wide range of use including liquor, wine, beer and beverage cooling.
Rapid refrigeration, big cooling capacity, lower temperature, wide range of temperature control, instant drinking the cold drinks with delicious flavor.
Leakage proof valve, preventing any leakage and pollution to ensure healthy drink.
Wine cooling system adapt food grade 304 stainless steel, safe and healthy.
High technical wine flow counter to ensure accurate flow without error.
Beautiful design, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
High efficiency, lower energy consumption and noise.
Wide range of ambient temperature.
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