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SC-4 Wine Dispenser

  • SC-4

  • JSBS

  • 8418699090

  • 220V/50HZ、110V/60HZ

  • 134a

  • 95W

  • 7℃~18℃

  • Argon,nitrogen,within 30days

  • 5℃~28℃

  • 470x460x640

  • 430x415x625

  • 29

  • 31

Being isolated by Argon or nitrogen air, red wine, fresh way of any election.
Powerful refrigeration; Cooling temperature as you like. (7℃~18℃)
Vacuum double-deck glass door.
Argon, nitrogen preservation of red wine for 30 days, the general preservation of red wine for 5 days
Keep fresh system to use the inert gas, causes the red wine not send out, in the air impurity and the red isolation, keep the red wine fresh, original taste, keep the original red wine flavor, keep fresh and cold for open red wine.
Automatic dispense wine.
Free discharge, fixed discharge 20ml, 40ml, 60ml, 80ml, fixed discharge 5~99ml.
Automatic washing
Temperature be adjustable
Healthy, environmental without pollution, beautiful design, easy to operate, green environmental protection
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